With so many advances in windows, it is interesting to note that according to the Buffalo Architecture and History Website, the techniques used in stained glass window construction have changed very little since a “how to” was written by Theophilus, a German monk, around 1100 A.D. Glass windows have since proven to be the perfect architectural design feature for both form and function.

Most of us are amazed by the windows cleaners who dare to hang from the top of a skyscraper’s roof and who take care of the windows cleanliness. The most interesting is the view they see everyday. But there are some facts about skyscraper windows cleaning you don’t know about. Thanks to Curbed.com we found some of them.

1. People who live on the higher floors of skyscrapers throw away things through the windows. This is definitely not a pleasant view. Liquids thrown out of the window on the 100 floor do not get to the ground. They get spilled all over the windows beneath them and it is window cleaners’ job to remove them. Imagine how hard it is to clean a sticky liquid. Cleaners shared that this happens often at Empire State building.

2. There is a special notion about the size of the building that should be cleaned. A skyscraper is measured in drops where a “drop” is the section of the building from the roof to the lowest point up to which the basket can be descended. Depending oHearst Towers, NYCn the height of the building a drop may not get to the ground.

3. Some buildings need special cares and special tools. Such a building is Hearst Tower in New York. The cleaning rig used for the building’s windows cleaning costs $3 millions and the engineers who invented it needed 3 years to do it.

4. Scaffoldings used to be the main support for window cleaners years ago. The first one built in 1952 in New York, which is the city with many skyscrapers, was used for Lever House on Park Avenue.

5. The windows cleaning of the skyscrapers is a job that takes a lot of time. An average skyscraper such as Time Warner Centre takes up to four months to be cleaned if there are four cleaner working. Burj Khalifa in Dubai takes a lot more as it is the tallest building in the world.

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