There are only 2 ways to clean, the right way and the wrong way. At Benchmark Cleaning, we only the right way to do a job, because after 15 years of offering commercial & residential cleaning services to New Yorkers we have seen it all and done it all. The bad, The Worse, & The just plain Filthy. We just don’t clean to make things look shiny and new, we clean with the purpose of leaving a clean, fresh, and healthier atmosphere to every room , office and building we service.

Here 10 Cleaning Facts You Should Know About
1. Did you know that if you cleaned non-stop for two hours, you can burn 200 calories and up?

2. This isn’t the most pleasant factoid to share, but it’s a known fact that 70% of dust particles are made up of dead skin flakes. The other 20% includes outdoor particles coming inside, such as soil.

3. Cleaning is one of the most important habits you can have because the average person spends over 87% of their life indoors.

4. Were not sure if we agree with this one, but most people claim that the bathroom is their favorite room in the house to clean. Do you agree?

5. This one is important because it can hurt your health! If improper cleaning products are used, the air quality in a closed space can be up to 500% worse than outdoors.

6. Never use disinfectants, or cleach to clean a refrigerator. The food inside will pick up the taste and odor of the cleaning solution. Warm soapy water works well and is a less harmful choice. If you must use cleaning solutions in the refrigerator, then wipe the inside out with a clean towel soaked in hot water after the refrigerator has be aired out with open doors and shelves for a few hours. It’s extra work, but it makes a huge difference.

7. Most kitchen sinks are known to have more germs and bacteria than the toilets, so basically eating food dropped into a sink is worse than eating something dropped into a toilet. That’s a terrifying thought when you think about it.

8. The average woman cleans for 12, 896 hours in her lifetime and the average man cleans an average of 6,448 hours in his. Surprised? I’m sure women aren’t!

9. Spraying a surface with cleaner or disinfectant wipes and immediately wiping it away will only do half a job. The majority of antibacterial cleaners are designed to be left on surfaces for 30-60 seconds before wiping them off. So be patient!

10. Some germs can live on dry surfaces (such as toys) for several hours and moist surfaces (like bathroom sinks) for up to three days